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Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship

St. Katharine's ParmoorIn 1984, Sue Ryder called together a group of volunteers and staff who were all practising Christians from the Sue Ryder Shops and Homes to discuss with her the future of the Foundation. The group agreed to meet again at Walsingham in Norfolk, and from those gatherings the Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship was formed.

The Fellowship agreed to meet two or three times a year for times of prayer, retreat, discussion and fellowship.


At about the same time, the Foundation had been in discussion with Sisters at St Katharines Parmoor, near Henley on Thames about the future of that House. Eventually, the Sisters, with great generosity, gave the house and its contents to Sue Ryder. A new charity was formed to receive this gift known as the Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship (Parmoor). Since the death of Sue Ryder in 2000, the main task of the Fellowship has been to run St Katharine's as a Retreat House, maintaining the spirit of Sue Ryder where individuals and groups can come for a times of quiet and reflection, but also for meetings and fellowship. It is open to all faiths and denominations, but it is a Christian house. Recently, a scheme has been started in the garden to give training and instruction to young men and women who have been homeless and who are now seeking to get back into society, this is all run by volunteers.


The Fellowship meets at Parmoor twice a year for three days of retreat, prayer and discussion. It is open to anyone interested in  prayer and the ethos of Sue Ryder which we endeavour to maintain.


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