The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust

How You Can Help Us

All our trustees and administrative workers are volunteers – we don’t employ any paid staff, and if you feel able to offer your services, we should be very pleased to hear from you. Do contact us and a trustee will be pleased to have a chat with you.


Alternatively, if you are able to support us financially, this will also be most gratefully received. There are various ways in which you can do this:-

  • Donations in cash, cheque, or bank standing order, particularly those of a recurring nature, are always welcome. If you are a UK taxpayer and able to sign a Gift Aid Form, we will be able to reclaim a further 25% tax refund at no cost to yourself.
  • Transferring shares may be a very advantageous way of saving Capital Gains Tax for you and can be done very simply. Our Treasurer will be pleased to arrange this for you.
  • Similarly, if you wish to donate a valuable item such as a painting, this can be arranged. Again, there may be tax advantages for you.
  • Remembering us in your will is another way in which you can help. In the past, legacies have provided us with a very sizeable part of our income and we hope this trend will continue. Do give your Solicitor or other person drawing up your will our name and charity number as shown on the contact page as this will help any Executor in dealing with your estate.

These are a few suggestions as to how you can help us carry forward the work Lady Ryder started all those years ago. We promise to do this in the true Sue Ryder spirit – frugality and humility.


Thank you for reading this page and thanks in advance for any support you feel able to give us.