The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust

About Us

"For the cause that lacks assistance……  and the good that I can do." 


The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust was set up by Baroness Ryder of Warsaw CMG OBE shortly before her death in 2000 so that her good works could continue. 


The objectives of the Trust are:

  • To relieve poverty, sickness and disability and the problems of old age.
  • To provide education about their causes and the means of relief.
  • To care for refugees.
  • To promote Christian principles and beliefs.
  • To relieve homelessness and unemployment.
  • To care for the sick and dying.
  • To support the charitable work of bodies established by Lady Ryder of Warsaw.


In carrying out these objectives the Trust attaches particular importance to Lady Ryder’s principles of frugality, compassion and humility.  At all times it aims to embrace the efforts of volunteers and to respect the spiritual dimension of charitable work.


The Trust is devoted to the relief of suffering on the widest scale. It seeks to render personal service to those in need and to give affection to those who are unloved, regardless of age, race or creed, as part of the Human Family.


The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust is a living memorial to all those millions who gave their lives during two World Wars in defence of human values, and to the countless others who are suffering and dying today as result of persecution.


The Trust ‘s work is a summons to seek out and face the reality of human suffering and to do something about it.


It is a challenge to us all:

"For the cause that lacks assistance,

For the wrong that needs resistance,

For the future in the distance,

And the good that I can do." 

(George Linnaeus Banks)


This is a unique and noble concept and it was the root of the Founder's work from 1945 onwards.


The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust aims to keep this alive.